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Healthcare industry will be fully realized exchange coupling residents, physicians, medical institutions and medical devices, to provide more enhanced service to public.


Hospitals shall face the following challenges:

Network dealing with various access needs of patients, physicians, institutions, cooperative unit. Network needs fine security control.

Cloud computing, mobile healthcare and IOT need a high reliability network.

Boardless network helps service extended out the hospital, from wired to wireless,


As traditional network solution can't meet the requirements of the new era of digital hospital anymore, we provide new digital hospital network solutions that contains core, access and security.

Deal with complex access scenarios, provide refined control, providing intelligent access control, network resources for further allocation, based on the application and service-aware, network business of refinement of the situational awareness, intelligent distribution network and security resources.


Hospital information technology as a whole, bearing foundation, network systems like the human body, a robust body can support to carry out various innovative applications. Lanstar provides a high reliability, support cloud computing business, support mobile medical service, convenient operation and maintenance of network systems;

Hospital needed a system capable of operation and maintenance of the hospital safety control, in addition to traditional security solutions, while providing all the network security defense functions to achieve security hospital network system.