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Sales Assistant     

Job Description:

1.     Sales-related document management

2.     Responsible for collecting, collating, summarized market prices, as well as new products, alternatives, tourists and other information, submit an analytical report, to provide a reference for the sector business, leadership decisions.

3.     To assist the sales staff to do visits and telesales; timely customer information to convey.


1.     College degree or above.

2.     Have a pleasant personality, strong communication ability and team spirit

3.     Hard-working, have good market pioneering spirit and strong learning and improving ability to continuously accept new technology


Account Representative

Job Description:

Using resources such as companies and manufacturers establish effective sales channels and customer resources. Be responsible for the sales activities in the field of corresponding and complete company sales targets.


1.     2 years’ experience or above, have experience in selling products of Cisco, Huawei and IBM is preferred.

2.     Open personality, strong communication ability and team spirit.

3.     Good communication/coordination ability and a high sense of responsibility

4.     Hard-working and have good market pioneering spirit

5.     Have strong learning and improving ability to continuously accept new technology


Account Manager

Job Description:

1.     Responsible for daily contact customers, understand customer needs, handling customer complaints, inquiries..

2.     Development of new customers and achieve customer information resources development and utilization, responsible for business promotion.


1.     Be responsible for the sales activities in the field of corresponding and complete company sales targets

2.     Computer science/Telecommunications engineering college degree or above, have good reading and writing ability of English

3.     2 years’ experience above especially in SI business.

4.     Comprehend development trend of IT industry, be familiar with products and technology of CISCO/HP/IBM

5.     Have the ability and experience of independently develop and maintain customers. Good at communication and have strong team work spirit.


Senior Network Engineer

Job Description

Project integration support (pre-sale), Project management and support (after sale)


1.     Telecommunications or computer professional bachelor degree or above, have a good command of English. Five years working experience in system integrated data network.

2.     Proficient in CISCO and other mainstream online vendor products and technical architecture

3.     Proficient in the mainstream of network security technology and products, such as UTM、IPS、NAC、VPN etc.

4.     Familiar with other network value-added technology, such as wireless, IP voice, cloud computing (virtualization,) etc.

5.     Independently complete the design of large and medium-sized network integration projects, research, implementation and training.

6.     At least 2-3years project implementation and management experience in wireless network security and IP telecommunications

7.        Have strong ability in malfunction elimination of complex network

8.     Strong communication, presentation skills and team cooperation ability. Have strong sense of responsibility, willing to work in a greatly challenging environment with high pressure and intensity.

9.     Have technical support experience of banking and medical industry is preferred

10.  Hold related certification of CCIE is preferred (Wireless/IP voice/ Cloud computation)


IT System Operation Engineer

Job Description

1.     Responsible for all kinds of PC server security monitoring and daily management, hardware trouble shooting, normal operation of the LAN network equipment and software. Maintain network unobstructed.

2.     Responsible for user's PC and workstation software installation, maintenance, adjustment and update

3.     Regularly check of user's IT hardware environment, provide optimization suggestions and inspection reports

4.     Management of user's network system integration. Constantly improve network infrastructure and put forward optimization suggestions


1.     Majored in computer science and IT related, college degree or above

2.     More than one year working experience in management of PC desktop, server and network.

3.     Familiar with the desktop maintenance, management and IT process operation

4.     Familiar with enterprise network design, debugging and operations

5.     Devote to work and good at learning. Have good execution and communication ability and service consciousness

6.     Have basic English communication skill is preferred


Software Engineer

Job descriptions

1.     Responsible for developing mobile client-side software, project management of products research and development

2.     Responsible for the overall structure design of software and core code

3.     Responsible for optimizing mobile product quality, performance and users' experience

4.     Responsible for writing the core code and guide engineers to complete the task

5.     Developing innovative technology of mobile terminal (mobile phone and tablet) and conquer the bottleneck


1.     Full-time bachelor degree or above, have experience of mobile phone client software development and design

2.     Proficient in at least one kind of intelligent mobile phone operating system such as iOS and Android

3.     Have deep understanding in system architecture of mobile phone software, work flow and UE design

4.     Good team work spirit and strong communication skills. Have technical team management experience is preferred

5.     Have good design and thinking patterns. Familiar with object-oriented programming and have graphical interface development capabilities


Technical Assistant Manager

Job Description

1.     Assist manager to be responsible for the development of company and customer information system planning, design, development and maintenance

2.     To assist and responsible for the company's technology control, management and research and development work

3.     Responsible for the organization and coordination work

4.     Help to coordinate external work. Understanding of the IT industry technology development, application platform and application experience, screening of partners for company

5.     Assist department manager to improve products and construction technical specification


1.     Bachelor degree or above. Majored in computer, communications, mechanical and related

2.     Majored in computer and information management. More than three years working experience in the same position

3.     Have a high sense of responsibility. Have good emergency response and problem solving ability

4.     Good at communication and be able to cooperate with other department managers .Have strong learning ability

5.     Honest, conscientious, initiative and proactivity

6.     Able to work under pressure. Have good team spirit and interpersonal relations

7.     Have good ability of autonomous learning and self-management ability. Willing to work in a greatly challenging environment with high pressure intensity